A Little More About Me

I grew up in the small town of Manistee, Michigan, a beach resort town on the shores of Lake Michigan. My first recognition with this reached back to the age of 3 when I won a coloring contest in the Manistee News Advocate newspaper for ages 3-6, one of my first pieces of art that I still have today. After that, my parents encouraged my creativity with various projects and activities. Art, however, was not my only interest as I grew. I dreamed of myself becoming a doctor, and more specifically, a pediatrician.

It wasn't until the age of 14 that I found I was terrified of blood and needles and my efforts to become a prestigious doctor were probably unlikely. I was always very good at art, and knew someone had to be doing all of those scientific drawings I was seeing so much of. I then imagined combining my two passions into one.

I learned a lot about art from my mother, a former watercolor painter, as well as my high school art teacher, Kenneth Cooper, a well-known master of watercolor. I continued my education in scientific illustration at The University of Michigan, where I was privileged enough to take part in activities for the different museums of the area, including the Detroit Science Center and The Detroit Observatory Museum. I also took part in a two week trip to the Everglades, where my classmates and I would canoe and hike the area to draw and document its species.

After graduation, I moved to Dallas, TX to continue my education in science, medicine, and art at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.

Through all of my education, life and career experiences, I've realized some important things about being an artist Plan it, and then plan to plan it again. The road can be rocky. Failure is not what it appears to be. New challenges and obstacles give way to a new found broadening of skills. Above all, everything has purpose.
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